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 Kardashian sisters want out of debit-card deal

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Kardashian sisters want out of debit-card deal Empty
PosteTema: Kardashian sisters want out of debit-card deal   Kardashian sisters want out of debit-card deal Icon_minitimeTir Nov 30, 2010 6:40 pm

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Kardashian sisters looking to cut ties with a company that sold prepaid debit cards under their name after being attacked by the high cost of the card. The card, which launched three weeks ago, was aimed at young adults, the same group that watches television on s?Hearts hit cable show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "A lawyer for the sisters sent a letter on Monday to parties affiliated with the card asking them to immediately ceaseuse the names and pictures of the three s?urs.ugg leona sale Thereview came after Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut warned on Friday thathe would investigate the program to see if it violates state laws to protect consumers. He called the cost of the card?predator?.
TheKardashians - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney - launched the card on Nov. 10 with much fanfare. The "Kardashian Kard?includes a photograph of the trio ofa c?ty, and s?urs said at the launch thatthey were?happy ... create their own financial product. "But almost immediately the Kardashian family was attacked by consumer advocates to attach their names to a card with costs that far surpassed other prepaid debit cards on the market.ugg capstone sale "TheKardashians have worked very hard and long to create a positive public figure who appeals to everyone, especially young adults?, The letter says Dennis Roach, Counsel to the Dash Dolls LLC, which represents the three s?urs. "Unfortunately, thenegative lit the Kardashians. "
Just buy the card and theuse thathe co?you $ 59.95 for six months or $ 99.95 for 12 months. This does not include amoney on the card. The person who buys the card must add themoney on it.The initial feeling was just the beginning. After those six or 12 months are up, it co?you $ 7.95 per month to continue using the card. Users must pay $ 1.50 to withdraw themoney from an ATM, and $ 1 to check their balance. Talking to a client representative on the phone co?you $ 1.50 for each call, and thecancellation of the card co?$ 6.Losing you map the results in a charge of $ 9.95.ugg cassady sale If the loss is reported within two days, losses are limited to $ 50. But if the loss or theft doesis not reported, and that thetransmitter estimates theUsers knew thathe was lost or stolen, the loss could be as high as $ 500, according to the terms and conditions on the site Kardashian Kard.
These costs have attracted theAttention Blumenthal, who said Friday thathe was investigating on the map because of the cost and attractiveness for young adults financially unsophisticated. "Keep in touch with the Kardashians is impossible with this card, where consumers are losingmoney before thatthey use themoney. Even before consumers spend a penny, the cost Kardashian Kard swallow the value of the card?Blumenthal said in a statement Monday after the news that the Kardashians were severing ties with thecard.In a statement Monday night, the card issuers'University National Bank has confirmed thatit had terminated the sale of cards Kardashian. Consumers who have purchased the card recover their money,Women's Lynnea including costs thatthey have suffered, he said.MasterCard, who was a partner in the card, said in a statement that "the decision to terminate the program says that consumers don 'have not found value in this particular offering prepaid?.
Representatives from Mobe Resources Inc. and Mobile Card, also affiliated with the card, do not return requests for comment.Consumers Union, thepublisher of Consumer Reports came out strongly in recent weeks against the Kardashian family foruse their celebrity to a nozzle prepaid card loaded with fees. "n 'Another matter which celebrity or a company that intends toassociate his name with a prepaid card should look closely at the rights and protections,Women's Bailey Button Krinkle and say?no thank you?unless costs are low and the lack of consumer protection are added, Gail Hillebrand, director of theConsumers Union of Defend Your campaign dollars, said after theMonday's hearing news.Consumer Union asks the newly authorized federal Financial Consumer Protection Office for reining in abuses in prepaid cards a top priority.
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Kardashian sisters want out of debit-card deal
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